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Forestry and Furnishing Products Division

The CFMEU Forestry and Furnishing Products Division of the CFMEU has 18,200 members in all areas of the Forest and Wood Products and Furnishing Industries.
Latest News
Forestry SA seeking to halve its workforce in a year - union seeks urgent meeting with Government. - 15 April 2014
The CFMEU has been told by Forestry SA that it has sought the South Australian Government's approval to reduce its workforce by 50 per cent within a year, and halve their redundancy entitlements. [read more] Whistleblower Claims 457 Visa Worker Abuses At Gina Rinehart?s Roy Hill Project - 9 April 2014
Serious allegations of abuses of the 457 visa system and workers at Gina Rinehart?s Roy Hill iron ore project have been referred to the Federal Government by the CFMEU National Office. [read more] Senators Xenophon and Madigan stand up for Australian jobs - 28 March 2014
The CFMEU has commended Senators Xenophon and Madigan for their motion to be moved in the Senate this afternoon, that: "the Government alter Commonwealth procurement policy in order to require all government departments to o... [read more] Urgent action on temporary visa workers needed for young West Australians - 26 March 2014
A new report on youth unemployment has highlighted the need for tighter control of temporary overseas work visa schemes, which are preventing young West Australians from gaining access to jobs. [read more] CFMEU Forestry Division Does Not Endorse Tasmanian Liberals' Forest Plan - 17 March 2014
The National President of the CFMEU Forestry and Furnishing Products Division, Jane Calvert, said the incoming Tasmanian Liberal Government did not have a mandate to destroy its members' jobs. [read more]
Current Campaigns
Why Mr Abbott should we put you first when you put local workers last?
Visit the Why Mr Abbott campaign website to find out why workers are asking Mr Abbott about his plans to extend the 457 visa scheme. [read more]
Federal Election 2013 Pulp and Paper Jobs Campaign
The CFMEU Pulp and Paper Workers' District is running a dedicated campaign to push political parties to act on jobs during the Federal Election campaign. [read more]
Let's Spread it Around
The CFMEU is campaigning for government policies that spread the benefits of the boom more widely. Policies that support the creation of more jobs in manufacturing, that give Australian workers priority on new construction jo... [read more]
Tasmanian Forest Agreement
Union members can be proud of their role in achieving the historic Tasmanian Forest Agreement Act 2013. [read more]
Carter Holt Harvey: Greater Green Triangle Campaign
CFMEU Members in the Greater Green Triangle District have been taking action to protect their jobs, their families and their community. Check this campaign page regularly for the latest news on the campaign, Union media relea... [read more]
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